with every possible corner of the digital world talking about mobile and increasing usage of such devices. brands and marketers need to start to think of how do they make their content available and attractive just as it is on the desktop devices.

whether it is making native apps for iphone or andriod devices or device agnostic HTML5 pages, it is calling upon all those who have built and sustain their digital presence to take a closer look. while most of the mobile still support earlier HTML standards, to over come limitations of non-flash devices; it is important to build sites which render the same way as they do online.

Is it the right time to start thinking of a migration plan – yes – if you operate on dated technology, and web contributes significantly to your business, no – if web never was your priority.

publishing houses need to take a special note on how best to make their content (their bread n butter) available on these devices – which not only benefits the reading audience but the advertisers as well.