If you were an MBA student today and wanted to be a marketing manager in the near future – you better gear up to the changing terminology of this skill set. While marketers are still grappling with below the line, above the line, digital, non digital, traditional, etc. this new level of marketing terms are very different…

I personally think, this requires a shift in the way marketers look at ‘digital’ as a platform; not to forget it has taken a light year for marketers to understand placements online vs placements offline – and still a lot of them buy on a per site basis – coz its easier to understand and explain to top bosses.

All performance/audience/re-marketing requires a fundamental shift in thinking of marketing – you need to jump out of your ‘brand manager cum marketing manager’ suit and get into a business driver suit. All these forms of marketing focus on one thing alone – business deliverable = bottomline.

When working on  either of them – you need to understand that you are targeting an audience and not the site – so your TG 20-50, Annual Income of more than $100k needs to translate into came to my site but didn’t order or came to my site browsed for long or interested in vaccuum cleaners; it can be anything.

Imagin retail marketing on steriods when it comes to these forms of marketing. In a shelf of the retail it is almost difficult to identify which section the consumer spent the most time browsing; bringing that categorization power to the web and via your website – you know exactly where all the user went, expressed interests or already owns of what you sell…this opens the door of engaging them again in the web’s ocean. so this user can be reading news, planning a travel or just reading blogs; once they have come to your site – you can still deliver the message…

Performance Marketing : focuses on driving only key business results. Applicable to those who provide ability to transact online or built a complex attribution matrix which says – the user came to my site and downloaded a brochure which means there is a probability that the user may or may not be interested in what i have to sell. Its a far fetched notion for many traditional marketers – who like to stay away from complex metrics…but for hardcore onliners – this is the day they were waiting for. Performance marketing should be inheritant in your marketing plans….but unless you are part of a nible flexible team – then only you can go ahead…else wait for management approvals.

Audience Marketing / Re-Marketing : are well established terms in the industry now…but marketers need to change their mindsets around it and start to think beyond sites. Audience are on the internet across the internet – find who you want to target and deliver your marketing message. This requires a against gravity brand definitions to understand. Unless you don’t get this basic premise – forget about it.

Net Net – if marketing is going to change – these are some of the ways it will…understand the easiness of this change – yet it is so complex to accept 🙂