This post stems from a recent client conversation; where they were focussed on ‘timespent’ on their website!

We all know that the idea of buying media online is to drive traffic to the website and now more recently to facebook page to bring interaction. However, if we step away from CTR, CPC and Impressions, etc to take a Brand view of the the entire user experience online….how about a metric like ‘brand exposed value’ – which stems beyond the actual web destination of the brand.

if web is to be treated as one medium and compared to a TV – the challenge has been to find a unique metric which makes the comparison easier…so frequently you can’t really compare a CPC buy to a TV buy or a Print buy….however here is what I am thinking.

If we sum up the time that a user is exposed to a ad unit of a brand online before it reaches to the brand website; we can accumulate the time the user is exposed to the brand messaging online. ofcourse, this can be easily attributed to – banner buys, home page takeover, mastheads; search ads, video ads; etc.

Now if we know how or approximate time spend across each of the vehicle – we can equate the user experience in terms of time – which further elaobrate – by increasing this time exposed result in helping brand uplift?

So for argument sakes, a media plan includes the following elements and I’ve assumed some time that your brand is exposed before the user jumps to the next best thing online :

Media Buy Location Creative Type Est. Time   Expose (MM:SS)
Masthead Top of YouTube Rich Media Banner 0:05
Youtube Brand Page Video Content 2:00
Yahoo Mail Exit Animated Img 0:08
Google Search Result Text 0:05
Youtube In Stream Video Content 0:30
AdMAx Network Expandable Unit 0:20
Email In Box Emailer 0:40
Brand Site Microsite Microsite 3:50
Total Brand Exposed Value 7:38


If I add the spend values for example, it may translate into something like this:

Buy Est. Time   Expose (MM:SS) CPC CPM CPV Earned Value
Masthead 0:05 $10.00
Youtube 2:00 $50.00
Yahoo 0:08 $5.00
Google 0:05 $0.90
Youtube 0:30 $0.80
AdMAx 0:20 $7.00
Email 0:40 $20.00
Brand Site 3:50 $80.00
Total Brand Exposed Value 7:38 $173.70

Well the concept is very rough at the moment; but if someone really wants to justify time spent on their website – we should also look at time exposed of your brand on the internet/web as a medium before they engage with your brand destination…

Give it a thought and see if it makes more brand sense or ….