Its never a dull month, some recruiter will call you for the next best job. So much so one likes to listen to opportunities and explore them…there are times, after the moment of excitement there is period of long silence. The difference between a recruiter and a salesman is – one is after your talent (so to say); the other is after your money. Net Net they both are trying to convince you to do something you were not thinking of…

While, they are an important part of any business. I think they need to follow some ethics in the way they behave :

1. If you shortlist someone – keep the conversation ‘followed up’ – never let it fall. You are portraying your company’s image here.

2. If someone has interviewed with you – let them know what happened.

3. If the interviewee denies your job offer after 3 rounds of interview; don’t be pissed you…remember you also denied someone after 3 rounds of interview (rather never got back to them).

Every job has pressure, and I only want to highlight the importance of courtesy in the process…hope you guys take due note.