Sometime back when I went to a candy manufacturer and told them to do Internet Sampling for their product – they gave me that look “paagal ho gaya hai” (he’s gone mad).

Well, finally a good big brand has decided to take the big bold step and offer a website beyond “Wallpaper Download”.

Welcome Colgate MaxFresh –

Colage MaxFresh Homepage

Finally a website which makes an attempt to bridge the gap between micro, sites, promotion, & contests sites – a site which makes sense & will eventually promote sales and not downloads.

Email Validation pageThe product sampling link is right at the home page of the website and it simply asks you to complete one questions – which is what is Colagate MaxFresh offering, punch in your email address & name, and you’ll get a validation email!

They are currently restricting sampling to one sample per household and there are select cities it’ll deliver the product to.

Still an excellent idea to reach out a set of audience which is interested to test your product or just get free toothpaste for a week 🙂

I am yet to get my free sample.

The site takes another step to integrate it’s brand values which is “freshness” and is linking it up with what interests the TG.

Fresh Vacations

So there is a section titled “Fresh Ideas”; which has new product launches, travel destination and some generic ideas. What I like was link to websites which were offering travel solutions. Given the rate of growth of travel in the country – a good opportunity for travel portals to tie up & offer “Colgate MaxFresh Vacations” – it’s a win win situation for both the brands.

Ad’s SampleTo drive traffic the site is using the larger internet ad networks to reach out to an audience; but I think they’ll burn out all their internet inventory in 2 days – so problem will be there to sustain traffic on the website.

Not to forget their are on Google Search paid results section too 🙂

Colgate on SEM

I wonder where they’ll take the site next – social networking? maybe a site dedicated to build a community around dental hygiene?

But I think it’s an excellent platform that the brand has chosen to reach out to an engaged audience, and at the same time offer a chance to try the product & win goodies!

Go ahead and get your free Colgate MaxFresh sample at >