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If google had its way, it would also tell you how many times your friend wore his/her favorite clothing in a month, thankfully it’s only now limiting to music and top songs for select regions.

Google recently introduced “Google Music” Trends service allowing you to see who’s listening to what.

Google Music Trends

How it work?

“The first step is to download and install Google Talk, if you haven’t done so already. You can then opt in to Music Trends from Google Talk’s Settings menu. After that, anytime you share your music status using iTunes, Winamp, Windows Media Player, or Yahoo Music Engine, you’ll be voting on Google Music Trends.”


Voila! Why didn’t MSN or Yahoo think of this earlier!

What’s cool about it?

Advertisers, music company’s, artists, etc. can get to know where their music is being played.

The nifty “web search” feature returns websites talking about the sound track or artists. So, as a web site owner – it becomes imperative to offer fresh content or if you are a web music distributor, make sure that song is listed on your site and is available for sale.

For example, “Crazy Kiya Re” is a popular song from Yash Raj Film’s the new release Dhoom 2. Yash Raj recently spent a lot of money upgrading their website to offer original release songs on license, but unfortunately their site does not get listed when you click web search. Someone is not putting that extra effort to generate the revenue you got into the business for. Flipside > you are driving traffic to piracy sites – more money’s lost!

If you click on “artists” name, you are displayed a list of CD’s & sites to buy from. If you are an online music vendor, get listed and drive genuine traffic which will buy – FREE!

If Google Music Trends gets a lot of people contribute > which they will. It’ll again become a rich source of key insights into the music people listen to.

See the service in action here >



Well Krrish has been out for a while and I was lucky enough to catch the first-day-second -last show. Honestly, I am not a big fan of Bollywood Super-Heros; but this one caught my attention when it came to making the most of In-Film-Branding. One of the most talked about subjects in the domain entertainment marketing be it tradition or new-age-digital. The whole film has made so much hype, that it is now treated as a case study at IIM.

Coming to the point, here are the brands which are behind the making of this revolutionary step taken by the film maker:

Super Hero Stage (TG) Product Brand
Kid Pencil/Writing Instrument <don’t remember>
Kid Health Drink Bournvita
Teenage Health Drink Bournvita
Kid Jam Kissan
Side-Kick/Best-Friend Swear Word – “Just Imagin” Samsung
Metrosexual Digital Camera Samsung
Metrosexual Travel Destination Singapore
Metrosexual Clothing Provogue
Clean Clothes Washing Powder Tide
I don’t know Back of the Bus Siyaram

Now you know where the director got his money from…as a business model…I think it is the most effective and hope it has paid of the brands. However, the list is not the most comprehensive and I’ll have to watch the movie again to get a more detailed list of brands.

In my personal opinion, Krrish is a marketing success and for the generation of kiddies & teen super-hero fanatics, they now have a name to recon with and pester their parents to buy the dolls, toys, clothing, and whole bunch of goodies for them.

However, if Mr. India had used in-film-branding, guess which brand would have fit the bill…..Surf, daag bhi gayab aur Mr. India bhi 🙂