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Coming from an interesting afternoon at the Google Offices, which shared the vision and future of DoubleClick (previously known for being a tracking tool – now evolving to be part of the Google Stack – adwords, adsense, doubleclick, ga, etc); soon became a debate point for Demand Side Platform or DSP with the panelists.

Demand Side Platforms have been talked about in the last 5 years and now we are seeing some traction on someone somewhere putting the system to test. Here is what I think are the challenges in Asia and maybe some parts of it are global :

(I’ve put a score to see if it will impact the switch or not in the next 6 – 12 months).

1. Publisher Compliance : large websites are still going to ponder on whether to take up DoubleClick as a DSP Platform or build their own or use multiple parties to leverage on the network that it will expose to. I don’t think publishers will like to keep exclusivity. On the technology front – they still have lot to implement and ensure the platform works – everytime!. (Score :-1)

2. Technology Platform : there are going to be a surge of these and will add to the complexity of which DSP to tap into. So to manage DSP we’ll invest in building DMP. Never ending victious circle of technology. (Score: -1).

3. Inventory Sales Approach : every large publisher has a lot of way in which they sell inventory. Just like everything else – it is never sold to a 100%. Some publisher sell tenancy, some sell by day, and then there are a whole bunch of other ways in which they leverage relations to get benefitting agreements. (Score: -1).

4. Agency : while agencies uptill now have been the middlemen between the Client and the Publisher; this change will put them in the shoes of the publisher sales guy. This will require a significant shift in which agencies work with these publishers. So, eventually plans bought on DSP vs plans bought as per usual will decide which is the way to go for. (Score: -1).

5. Buying Approach : while DSP boast of audience buys and audience marketing. I don’t think the cost metric should be on a CPM or a CPA (A for acquisition). But a new buying currency needs to evolve which will be neutral across the networks – giving power to tap into global networks. I don’t have much visibility here – but i hope this evolves. Else no one is going to make the money!. (Score : -1)

6. Not all inventory will be on DSP : now this is the tricky one – which raises a lot of eye-brows. Then what inventory is going to be parked under the DSP’s….well only time will tell that. (Score : -1)

7. Client Side Understanding : yes, I want to ride the way, make my media buys more efficient, reduce my spends wastage. Sorry, this approach needs to make a significant shift on DSP. The only people who will fully try out this platform is going to be the ecommerce, and then subsequently the auto manufacturer, telcos, technology, finance. etc. (Score : 1).

Looking back up the post looks like a rant on DSP, but this is the future of media buying and planning. Though, its still in its nacent stages (and the score tallies up to – hold your horses) – data will become the new black and dictate business decisions than business guess’s.

Keep a close eye on this one…


Ok, India has been just gearing up to “Social Networking”, the evolution of Web 2.0, and as some sites start to bring up new stuff for the Indian Web Junta to start to use…let me introduce you to “Social Shopping”!

Many of you think, “ab ye kya bala hai!” (what the hell it is 🙂

It’s simple. With so many commerce portals coming up…you don’t know what is selling on the internet (this is indian context), and you don’t know which portal to get the best deal from!, is a simple concept. The sends visitors down one of three paths: Discover, Recommend and Shopcast. The discover section lets users browse products recommended by others. Clicking on a item allows them to add it to their wishlist, recommend it, or find out where to buy the product. Users can recommend products by creating themed lists, or simply by clicking on an easy to install ‘Add to ThisNext’ browser button.

Though the idea is a little far fetched for the indian user, but imagin a site like or or or or , integrating features such as buy a travel deal from one of the leading travel portal or get tickets to the multiplex or make a hotel/restaurant reservation?

Untill then, there is a lot to explore in the “Social” opportunity that is presented by the internet.

Google Flight Simulator

Ok, this has nothing to do with Google, but a lot to do with it too. I was waiting for the right thing to come up to write about Mashups…and these are nothing but, as Nilofer Merchant, CEO, Rubicon Consulting, writes in his article – “mashups use the functionality and/or content from two or more sources to create a new work. At least one of the sources is third-party to the developer. The most common type of mashup is a combination of multiple sources that the mashup developer had nothing to do with.”

And, I really find them interesting, especially this one… Goggle’s Google Flight Simulator, I mean what better way to surf the Google map, than to fly in it!!! A flight simulator’s dream! Check it out for yourself – Here.

When it comes to using such information to make a fun marketing activity, I guess Baskin Robins take the lead with their recent find the pink spoon campaign in the US, check it out at . But they use the Yahoo! Map API to integrate with their campaign.

Knowing the Geek I am, I’ll soon try to write a Mashup myself with help of my coder friends!

Watch out this space for the next exciting Mashup!

Most marketers have gifted Tazo’s with Chips, Jams, Health Drinks and you name the product for the kid and you’ll probably find a free tazo with it. And, then came BeyBlades!, well a total rockstar for kids, cartoon on TV and action you can have with your friends at your parent’s expense. Someone, is surely taking a pat on his/her back for the results.

But what about Adults/Teens(15+)/Geeks and people who’ll live beyond the realm of reality, dreamers and the folks! who’ll probably pop a mentos in their Areated Drink to replicate what they saw on the internet.

This is a really cool stuff I came across. LED Throwies for them. It is a simple concept exclusively for those who are into Graffiti…(Mumbai seems to be catching up on the craze).

LED Throwie Image

What all you need, bunch of colored LED’s (Rs 2 bux a piece), Button Batteries (Chinese one cost nething between Rs 5 – 20), Cello-Tape (You’ll have this at home) & Magnets (Rs 5-10 bux subject to quality). Just put the LED’s on the battery, tape it, add magnet, tape it again and just throw it at any metal object! The more you have the more fun you can have with it.

Learn thru a video on how to make a Throwie Here.

See, how beautiful you can make your surroundings with LED Throwies.

Does any one of you see an LED Throwie Diwali?

Original Concept by: Graffiti Research Lab