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I recently received this post card from my credit card company, encouraging me to use the contact-less payment system on all my future purchases as select outlets and a chance to with $10 shopping vouchers! Provided I remember the long short code to send to get the voucher with so much details! Ya, right – perfect example of a failed communication.

a) I won’t carry this posted card where ever I’ll go.

b) The merchants won’t encourage me to pay via PayPass.

c) I will never remember to send “MC <space> Receipt Amount <space> Receipt Date in DDMMYY format <space> Last 4 digits of card number <space> NRIC or Passport”.

So here is what you can do and its simple. As MasterCard you can print a QR code either on the receipt of the Vendor or on your card charge slip and quite comfortably integrate information that is required for the user to punch in via the sms (with an exception of the NRIC / Passport #). And it can look something like this:

When you scan this QR code, it will automatically open your Message Application on your phone with the prescribed text. If this  can be generated via the MasterCard payment gateway – everything can be automated – all the user then has to do is – scan the code and SMS AWAY!

I bet you never thought of that!


with every possible corner of the digital world talking about mobile and increasing usage of such devices. brands and marketers need to start to think of how do they make their content available and attractive just as it is on the desktop devices.

whether it is making native apps for iphone or andriod devices or device agnostic HTML5 pages, it is calling upon all those who have built and sustain their digital presence to take a closer look. while most of the mobile still support earlier HTML standards, to over come limitations of non-flash devices; it is important to build sites which render the same way as they do online.

Is it the right time to start thinking of a migration plan – yes – if you operate on dated technology, and web contributes significantly to your business, no – if web never was your priority.

publishing houses need to take a special note on how best to make their content (their bread n butter) available on these devices – which not only benefits the reading audience but the advertisers as well.


Wearing my mobile marketer hat – the most common question is – what can we do on mobile or build me a mobile strategy.

Great stuff, will like and love to! but hold your horses. Mobile is far more exciting platform than ever before in the hands of a good marketer.

We all know what people do on their smart phones (the likes of iOS, Andriod and Windows Mobile platforms) and feature phones (the likes of Nokia, BlackBerry). There are enough studies to prove that mobile is all about – email, sms, calendar, games, apps, and ofcourse the phone itself…am not sure with the development of smart phones and cheaper data access have call time dropped…and sms’s and data usage has gone up.

But, this small chart will help you understand what all you can do in the mobile space:

Mobile Feature Brand Opportunity
SMS/MMS Missed Call SMS (Footer), SMS Spam, SMS CRM, Transactional SMS (Footer), Status SMS, Custom SMS Apps (SMS 2.0)
Apps In App Advertising via mobile networks, build your own app, games, branded environments
Call Tone Caller Ring back tones (branded)
Voice Mail Branded Voice Mail Greetings
Camera QR Code Scanner,  Photo Recognition Apps, Augmented Reality
Calendar Reminder Ads (via ad networks)
Screen Lock Screen Images or Wallpapers
Browsing Mobile Ads (via networks), mobile site
Alarm Give the user a custom alarm clock
Music Advertise in digital radio channels
Search Mobile search campaigns, mobile sites
Video Video ads via Mobile Ad Network

While the above list is not exhaustive, you can clearly see the opportunity that mobile has for your brand.

Google has put up an interesting video of what they see as user behavior on mobile (ofcourse it is hinting mobile search) :

But at the end of the day, all i can say is that mobile is going to be pivotal in the coming future. And, it is not very far away.

In Singapore, the IDA has already given a green signal for introducing NFC  (read PR article here)enable payment spots. So, mobile coupons can go that extra mile (i know most marketers hate coupons)

So what mobile marketing strategy will you deploy for your brand/product in 2012? will you invest ahead of the curve or just wait for case studies to be build on other brands before you can think of doing something on it…