Ok, we have seen many versions of online classifieds & new one’s keeping coming on board the Internet.

I recently came across a site which thinks it’ll take “ebay” go offline. Hmmm…ok…but ebay is an auction site, and yours is an offer website…where did we missed the “Bidding” part? Any guess’s?

First things first, the website layout can take a serious upgrade & they need to hire a usability expert. The site seems to have evolved from 1990 web development standards or someone who read HTML for Dummies way to hard. The site surely needs a serious upgrade!

Secondly, we did see a surge of such websites during the dot.com boom..but not many are around. Then came hybrids of loyalty programs, that also didn’t last long. So what is going to be unique is something I’ll wait and watch. I guess the city approach is good…but don’t know how many people are actually making the most of it.

I’ll cut a long story short, if you are in Bangalore check out > http://www.offersforshoppers.com/ and see if you can get yourself some discount coupons which can be redeemed!