This post evolves after constant questioning & support from my boss and his question to me to explore RSS as an advertising media.

I however, would take this discussion forward and bring in how the advertiser can – a) advertise, b) generate traffic, c) generate site revenue, and d) generate advertising revenue from RSS.

RSS simply stands for Really Simple Syndication. It evolved with advancing internet technology’s – what was once available on News Servers on the NNTP port, is now termed as RSS – which is capable of distributing dynamic content using XML and HTML.

1. Your content reach is guranteed! (Advertise – Option 1)

Deliver your content

RSS is a pull media, where the user has made a decision to subscribe to your updates. So, where direct emailers get blocked by spam protectors or even if the email is delivered only a few are opened. RSS feeds are pulled by the user – thus – s/he is actively seeking updated information.

This is your opportunity to deliver the most updated/relevant information.

2. Allow users to Customize what they need!

Custom RSS

Given the flexibily to the user to define the content s/he intends to subscribe to your site, the higher are the chances of him/her subscribing to your site.

The most relevant example I can site of flexible RSS feeds is what is available at >

Knowning that most people using are likely to be geeks and using RSS aggregators – they will subscribe. What better way to increase site stickness!

3. Your content is now also web friendly (Generate Traffic)

Web friendly content

Search engine friendly feeds

With evolving SE algorithms, RSS feeds encourage data to be captured by the search engines more easily. Thus, RSS also enhances your search engine presense – voila! saving efforts on publishing web friendly content on pages.

Other websites also find it easy to connect with your informational services!

4. Earn Advertising Revenue?

If you use services like “Feedburner” for long, they would allow you to earn ad revenue by advertising within your ad feeds. So, the larger the base of your feed subscriber the higher possibility of you making $$$ from your feed beyond your site (if ecommerce)

5. Earn Revenue – From Traffic?

This is the tricky part. How would an ecommerce website make money from using RSS? It’s fairly simple. Have a look at one of the RSS feeds available at ebay . If you are a trader on ebay = you can actively track who’s bidding on your product and who’s the competitor who’s adding more product offering. Imagin, as a buyer you want to buy “iphone” the moment it is available at ebay? – simply subscribe to their mobile phone RSS – and you save all the time & get to know almost instantly when the product is available.

The diagram below depicts how you can leverage the RSS channel for your digital business.

Business Case for RSS

If you think you need more assistance on making the most of RSS – please feel free to write to me at my email address. We would be happy to assist you in making the most of RSS.

*Diagram sourced from: The Business Case for RSS, Roy Hrastnik, Based on Unleash the Marketing & Publishing Power of RSS