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In the beginning, there was discussion boards & forums. Then came sites like,,, and a whole bunch of websites to get people together.

Social Networking seems to be a new fad in the world of Internet in India. I just donno how many social networks I would want to be a part of. See below the new Desimartini Social networking site – cool advertising on TV; but where are the users!

But Fropper has also been online doing lot’s of ads!

Enough of advertisements. The best place for social networking which has 20% of Indian users is still Orkut! and it never advertised or gave away free ipods like did.

The bigger problems with social networking sites is the level of abuse that someone has to go thru; from spammed invitations to “hello, i want to be friends with you”. Am sure we know many female friends who get spammed day in and day out for friendship requests. We are yet to come of age (globally) to respect the other person or give them their space. So now there are dedicated websites for women users; such as GangofGirls & Zapak’s website dedicated to women – but are they really women online!

But I have larger question to ask people funding these activities = do you see breaking up on investments?

Social Networking boom in India reminds me of the time of Bust; how many of us remember uthplanet (youth planet)? not many it got hit my the no user meteorite; and it doesn’t exist any more.

All advertiser or portal owners are focussing on the buzzing age group that India thrives on today; but offer them something beyond friends, chat, news, dating, & community. Seriously, it’s getting boring!

Here’s a list of social networking sites to be launched or to be launched that I am aware of:

5. (still the best)
6. (my money on them)

Any one making a replica of Second Life????, Anyone?


With social networking catching every dot.commer’s imagination, it makes all the more sense to add business sense to it. After all business is all about networking.

I started business networking back in 2002 with; the site stopped to evolve & I joined But with the evolution of web 2.0 and ajax support interfaces, we are now talking serious business networking.

My first example here is : the site works on a simple concept of sharing your contacts & travel plans. And if it finds someone you know in the same destination – it’ll give you an alert! I wish it integrated with Plaxo!

KLM is taking Flying & Golf to business networking. They have 3 sites dedicated for business networking and the common platform – Golf. Cause all high flyers play it! It just reverses the approach & tells you whom you can find where. Check out there sites > or or

If travel portals are smart enough like Yatra which introduced Raahi to garner traffic – imagin the potential it holds for travel portal to build loyalty & networking capability.

I am sure we in India are still busy deploying Adsense to make money… web 2.o can wait!

Ok, India has been just gearing up to “Social Networking”, the evolution of Web 2.0, and as some sites start to bring up new stuff for the Indian Web Junta to start to use…let me introduce you to “Social Shopping”!

Many of you think, “ab ye kya bala hai!” (what the hell it is 🙂

It’s simple. With so many commerce portals coming up…you don’t know what is selling on the internet (this is indian context), and you don’t know which portal to get the best deal from!, is a simple concept. The sends visitors down one of three paths: Discover, Recommend and Shopcast. The discover section lets users browse products recommended by others. Clicking on a item allows them to add it to their wishlist, recommend it, or find out where to buy the product. Users can recommend products by creating themed lists, or simply by clicking on an easy to install ‘Add to ThisNext’ browser button.

Though the idea is a little far fetched for the indian user, but imagin a site like or or or or , integrating features such as buy a travel deal from one of the leading travel portal or get tickets to the multiplex or make a hotel/restaurant reservation?

Untill then, there is a lot to explore in the “Social” opportunity that is presented by the internet.